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RSuite User Conference | Two Weeks Away!


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Can you believe it? There's less than two weeks remaining until this year's RSuite User Conference on Tuesday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo)! Are you registered?!

If so, you'll attend three RSuite client case studies:

  • The World Bank. This case study highlights one of RSuite's newest clients who has been in production using RSuite for just under a year.
  • HarperCollins Publishers: This case study highlights HarperCollins Publishers who has been in production using RSuite for over a year.
  • Human Kinetics: This case study highlights Human Kinetics who who has been in production using RSuite for over three years.

You'll also have the chance to attend breakout sessions such as:

  • Product Management Fireside chat
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • DITA features

Learn more about the future of RSuite, client case studies, and product demonstrations on the RSuite User Conference registration page. Also, in addition to the user conference, Wednesday, May 6th will be reserved as a technical training day.

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RSuite User Conference | Official Agenda Announced!


Register now!

2015 #RSuiteUC Sponsors

RSI is pleased to announce the official agenda for this year's RSuite User Conference on Tuesday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!). On May 5th, you'll attend three RSuite client case studies:

  • New client: Highlighting a client who has been in production using RSuite between 6 and 12 months.
  • In-Production client:  Highlighting a client who has been in production using RSuite for over a year.
  • Long-time client: Highlighting a client who has been in production using RSuite for over three years.

You'll also have the chance to attend breakout sessions such as:

  • Product Management Fireside chat
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • DITA features

Learn more about the future of RSuite, client case studies, and product demonstrations on the RSuite User Conference registration page. In addition to the user conference, Wednesday, May 6th will be reserved as a technical training day and only 5 spots remain! 

A huge thank you to our sponsors, MarkLogic, Access Innovations, Inc., TEMIS, and EContent.

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RSuite CMS is powered by MarkLogic

RSuite User Conference 2015 | Publishing Automated


RSuite User Conference 2015 | Register now

RSI Content Solutions is pleased to announce the return of the RSuite User Conference on Tuesday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!).

During the RSuite User Conference, you'll see publishing automated through:

  • Customer presentations
  • Product roadmap
  • New feature reveals
  • and more!
RSuite is Multi-channel publishing

Tuesday, May 5th will be a day for the RSuite community to come together to listen, learn, and participate in shaping the future of RSuite. In addition to the user conference, Wednesday, May 6th will be reserved as a technical training day and is limited to the first 25 registrants.

Please reserve Tuesday, May 5th on your calendar to join RSI and your fellow RSuite Community members in Philadelphia at The Hub Cira Centre and see why customers say that RSuite reduced their production time for their flagship product from 12 weeks to 4 days. Space is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

MarkLogic is the exclusive gold sponsor of the RSuite User Conference.

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Congratulations to Steve Quirke for Winning Philadelphia SmartCEO's Executive Management Award!


Steve Quirke | Executive Management AwardCongratulations to Steve Quirke, V.P. of Operations at RSI for winning the Philadephia SmartCEO's Executive Management Award! More than 300 C-level attendees gathered to celebrate 40 Executive Management Award winners in Philadelphia's Crystal Tea Room last Thursday, March 26th.

Philadelphia SmartCEO recognized this year’s Executive Management Award winners at a cocktail reception and awards ceremony on Thursday, March 26 at the Crystal Tea Room. Forty Greater Philadelphia executives were recognized for their creative management vision, leadership philosophy, innovative strategy and undeniable work ethic. The 2015 Executive Management Award winners collectively generate more than $42 billion in annual revenue and employ over 60,000 individuals in Greater Philadelphia.

“All too often, senior leaders in an organization become unsung heroes. This is why SmartCEO designed the Executive Management Awards. The 2015 Executive Management Award winners are not only leading their companies and co-workers to achieve great things but they are also making huge contributions to their communities,” says Jaime Nespor-Zawmon, President of SmartCEO Events. “We are honored to recognize each of these individuals and celebrate their accomplishments.”

More than 300 executives, friends and family attended the business cocktail event to celebrate the winners and their achievements. The evening kicked off with a cocktail hour and high-level networking. The awards ceremony opened with high-energy music and a video presentation welcomed each award winner to the stage as they were applauded for their impressive achievements.

RSuite User Conference | Human Kinetics Case Study


Register now for #RSuiteUC15

Human Kinetics provides high quality informational and educational products in the physical activity and health fields. RSuite has been instrumental in changing the way Human Kinetics publishes over the past 3+ years. Join Steven Calderwood, Director of Content Engineering and Digital Delivery as he reviews:

  • Initial business case to justify the investment in RSuite and content management overall
  • Short-term wins by automating the publishing process with RSuite
  • Current production metrics and how they have evolved over 3+ years
  • New uses of RSuite and the future ahead

describe the imagePlease join us at this year's RSuite User Conference on Tuesday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo!) learn more about the future of RSuite, client case studies, and product demonstrations. In addition to the user conference, Wednesday, May 6th will be reserved as a technical training day and is limited to the first 25 registrantsMarkLogic is the exclusive gold sponsor of the RSuite User Conference.

Register today for #RSuiteUC15!

Register now for #RSuiteUC 15
Please ​join ​us ​for ​our ​7th ​annual ​RSuite ​user ​conference ​and ​tech ​day ​conveniently ​located ​at ​The ​Hub ​Cira ​Centre ​in ​Philadelphia ​(attached ​to ​Amtrak’s ​30th ​Street ​Station) ​on ​Tuesday, ​5/5 ​– ​Wednesday, ​5/6. ​ ​ 

User ​conference ​(Tuesday, ​5/5) ​preliminary ​agenda ​includes: 
    •  ​RSuite ​roadmap ​overview 
    •  ​​New ​RSuite ​features ​reveal 
    •  ​​RSuite ​client ​case ​study ​presentations ​and ​demonstrations 
    •  ​​Breakout ​sessions 
    •  ​Fireside ​chats ​for ​clients ​to ​provide ​product ​feedback 
    •  ​​And ​more! 
Our ​tech ​day ​(Wednesday, ​5/6) ​preliminary ​agenda ​includes: 
    • RSuite ​plug-in ​architecture ​overview 
    • Best ​practices ​for ​extending ​RSuite 
    • Topic-based ​technical ​deep ​dive ​(e.g., ​semantics) 
    • One-on-one ​conversations ​with ​our ​RSuite ​technical ​team 
The ​RSuite ​user ​conference ​will ​be ​limited ​to ​the ​first ​100 ​registrants ​and ​the ​tech ​day ​will ​be ​limited ​to ​the ​first ​25 ​registrants. ​ ​Please ​register ​early ​to ​reserve ​your ​seat! 

More ​details ​to ​come! 

MarkLogic ​is ​the ​exclusive ​Gold ​sponsor ​of ​the ​RSuite ​user ​conference ​and ​tech ​day.

RSuite CMS and MarkLogic 8: Match made in heaven



The enterprise NoSQL database powering RSuite CMS has a major new update: MarkLogic 8. A wealth of new features are available in MarkLogic 8. Many of these are designed to make managing your data simpler, cheaper, and faster than ever before and will immediately be usable with existing RSuite installations. Other enhancements will provide our product team with new tools that will power features in upcoming future RSuite releases.

After taking advantage of the MarkLogic early release program, the RSuite product team has certified that RSuite is ready to be deployed using MarkLogic 8.  RSuite customers may contact support at anytime for upgrade coordination.  

We would like to congratulate our partner on this exciting release. By advancing the state of the art for database technology MarkLogic helps RSuite continue to raise the standard for content management.

For more information on MarkLogic 8 visit

For more information on RSuite visit  

RSuite truly is Publishing Automated

describe the imageWhen you hear a tag line from a business, do you believe it?  Some companies have nailed the tag line such as American Express (Don’t leave home without it!) while others are questionable given their press over the years (Bank of America:  Higher Standards).  Tag lines are without a doubt the first reflection of a company’s culture and their ability to deliver on their promises.

When we changed our tag line for RSuite last year we thought very hard about what would reflect our culture and our product?  Developing a tag line is not easy, but our team settled on “Publishing Automated”.  There were two main reasons for the change in tag line from “Content Management for Publishers” to “Publishing Automated”:

  1. RSuite is being licensed and used by more and more organizations that publish but would not be considered a traditional publisher.
  2. RSuite continually was touted by our clients as their publishing automation tool that significantly decreased their production timelines.

So for the reasons above our team at RSI felt that “Publishing Automated” truly did reflect what RSuite is all about.  But don’t take our word for it, here’s just a sample of the feedback we have received from our RSuite clients over the last few months:

"The first book we published through RSuite reduced the production time from 12 weeks to 2 weeks.”

"RSuite reduced our process to update marketing information from 10 days to only a few minutes."

“We published our book so fast that our marketing department was not prepared to begin to promote it because they were used to the old production timelines!”

“RSuite has reduced our publishing cycle by 75% and we feel we can reduce that even more.”

Needless to say the RSI team continues to work hard to make all of our clients realize their publishing automation goals.  While “Publishing Automated” may be a relatively new tag line for our business and software, it remains the core of why we built RSuite in the first place and will certainly be the focus of future product releases.  

Let us show you how RSuite could reduce your production time by 50% or more!  Signup for a demo.
See RSuite in Action

HarperCollins and RSI Content Solutions Contribute EPUB 3 Transformation to DITA for Publishers


epub3 conversionHarperCollins Publishers today announced it has finalized the implementation of EPUB 3 for its e-book production; all new e-books are now being distributed in EPUB 3 with backward compatibility to EPUB 2. The company has implemented RSuite CMS workflows and EPUB transformation to allow for continuous support of the format. HarperCollins and RSI Content Solutions will contribute the EPUB 3 transformation to the DITA for Publishers open-source community so that others may benefit.

“Implementing EPUB 3 enables us to support industry standards while increasing accessibility for the disabled community,” said Leslie Hulse, vice president of business development. “We look forward to the enhanced benefits this new format will provide readers.”

“Working with RSuite allowed us to upgrade to an XML-based digital workflow that facilitates more automated e-book production,” said Leslie Padgett, senior director, global digital operations. “We are excited to contribute the work we’ve done on the transformation to the DITA for Publishers project so the community can benefit from our team’s good work.”  

“The joint team can be proud of the final work product that resulted from our close collaboration,” stated Paul Eisenberg, director, professional services at RSI Content Solutions. “HarperCollins has demonstrated leadership by contributing the EPUB 3 transform back to the DITA for Publishers community.”  

About RSI Content Solutions

RSI Content Solutions accelerates publishers’ revenue and profit growth through better content management. Since 2000, RSI Content Solutions has provided publishers, media companies, and technical publishers with award-winning software solutions that transform their businesses to provide clients with the ability to delivery content in any format, to any channel, at any time. For more information, please visit

About HarperCollins Publishers

HarperCollins Publishers is the second largest consumer book publisher in the world, with operations in 18 countries. With nearly two hundred years of history and more than 65 unique imprints around the world, HarperCollins publishes approximately 10,000 new books every year, in over 30 languages, and has a print and digital catalog of more than 200,000 titles. Writing across dozens of genres, HarperCollins authors include winners of the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, the Newbery and Caldecott Medals and the Man Booker Prize. HarperCollins, headquartered in New York, is a subsidiary of News Corp and can be visited online at

RSuite CMS Expands Publishing Automation Features


RSuite | Publishing AutomatedRSuite CMS, a leading publishing automation and multi-channel publishing content management solution announced today version 4.1.  RSuite 4.1 provides an extensive use of templates to drive efficiencies into the book publishing process.  The pre-configured environment allows book publishers to realize their goal of multi-channel publishing by simply utilizing the free Microsoft Word templates to automatically generate XML, ePub, PDF, and other outputs.  In addition the out-of-the-box workflow plugin instantly allows for editorial and production staff to begin to organize, execute, and report on the entire production process.  Managers can now monitor and report on the status of their production process by personalizing the RSuite dashboard.

“Our clients report that on average they are able to reduce their production time by 50% by leveraging the automation tools in RSuite” stated Christopher Hill, vice president, product management at RSI Content Solutions.  “That is an amazing statistic when you think about how much more capacity a publisher will now have to produce new products in both print and electronic formats.”    

Key enhancements to RSuite include:

  • Microsoft Word book template library to standardize author and editorial submissions
  • Automate transformations to PDF, ePub, HTML, XML, and InDesgin
  • Pre-configured editorial and production workflows can be setup in a matter of minutes
  • Manage and monitor entire production process through dynamic reporting and customizable dashboard

“RSuite has made the sky the limit on what Human Kinetics can automate. In two and a half years, we’ve automated our e-book production, our print book production, and website content” stated Steven Calderwood, director, content engineering and digital delivery. "Recently, we’ve leveraged RSuite to reduce the time to updating prices in our marketing catalogs from 10 hours to just a couple of minutes.”  

About RSuite

RSuite CMS provides the ability to automate the full life-cycle of content and asset management for publishers, technical publishers, government agencies, and organizations who need multi-channel publishing.  Whether your company publishes books, journals, standards, magazines, technical publications, reference material, or marketing material, businesses can leverage RSuite’s ability to be up and running in days while expanding and scaling RSuite's automation at their own pace.  Because RSuite provides publishers with the automation required to meet today’s multi-channel publishing requirements, our clients experience an average reduction in production time of 50%.  For more information, please visit

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